Portfolio management using Smart Algo Trader.
amount of cash available in the trading account

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is a coordinated collection of strategies, processes and tactical decisions, that enable the most effective advance of a trading account.
The amount of cash available in the trading account and the whole value of the portfolio is the first parameter for any decision involving buy, sell or hold. The Smart Algo Trader algorithm takes this parameter as a start point, before any decision is made.   Download Smart Algo Trader
amount of cash available in the trading account

Smart Algo Trader strategy

All for one and one for all. The Smart Algo Trader strategy involves several trading instruments, that support each other in case of a losing trade situation.
The Trading Algorithm is in charge of dividing the holdings amount for each instrument, in a way that a losing trade will not affect the whole portfolio in a way that will be irreversible for the Trading Account.
The Smart AlgoTrader concept is to combine all the principles of efficient portfolio management in one advanced software.   Download Smart Algo Trader

Trading Algorithm never try to give a meaning to random movements

Smart Algo Trader Algorithm

A reasonable approach is taken for the buying and selling decisions. In many cases, the market has a random behaviour. This fact is implemented in the basic assumption of the Smart Algo Trader Algorithm. No prediction is being made. The current situation is the only triger for action.
Being a well developed Trading Algorithm, defines the current situation as an analysed complex of many parameters, possible for a quick analyse by the Smart Algo Trader software.
Read more about random movements.

Smart Algo Trader tactics

Following the trend in a successful trade and deciding when to sell is a complex flow of data measurements and special designed tactics that respond to the price movement behaviour.
This operations are the result of years of research and trading experience in several markets and trading instruments. Now exclusively designed and implemented in the Smart AlgoTrader.
The dynamic nature of the portfolio balance is a reason for constant repeating evaluation of the portfolio account. This is done 24 hours a day, through the whole trading week.   Download Smart Algo Trader

Algorithmic currency trading. Based on an original Trading Algorithm. Implements many trading aspects, as well as portfolio management, investment strategies and tactics. Manage a trading account with the software is available for new investors. For further details please continue to Automatic account management services .


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